Who is Maine Life Real Estate Co.?

The true value in what we do comes not from our long-standing professional experience, but in our ability to create real relationships with our clients and helping them find the perfect home that fits their life.
It’s our ability to navigate the housing market and make your homebuying or selling experience truly stress free. More importantly, we want to change what you believe a real estate agent can be by earning your trust through personal collaboration, expert advice, and genuine care.

We stay true to our Core Values!

Principles and values are what keep us focused on the people that we’re serving. They drive us to be better, to care more, and to go the extra mile for those who rely on the answers we provide them. There are five core values we always maintain, and you can always expect us to stand by them 100 percent.

  • DO THE RIGHT THING - We always do the right thing by ensuring customers’ needs come first.
  • CANEI - “constant and never-ending improvement.” Always striving to be better.
  • 100/0 - We believe in accountability and responsibility. You’ll never find excuses here.
  • ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING - We understand that a positive attitude and outlook can change perspectives.
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - Providing you with real answers and consistent communication.