October 30, 2017 | Rob Edgerley
A while back we we shared the acronym & one of our Core Values at Maine Life Real Estate Co.:

CANI. - Constant And Never-ending Improvement”

This past week Rob has been reading, Principles by famed investor, Ray Dalio, and we thought we would share one of those powerful principles:

“Be radically open minded and radically transparent.”

When you are transparent with your thoughts and opinions your leave yourself open to criticism, and while some may fear that, these criticisms, if allowed, will help you grow. Being more open-minded gives you the opportunity for growth because it allows others to give you open and honest feedback and makes it less likely that you will deceive yourself, with what you could call habitual thinking.

Dalio’s point is that both of these concepts can lead to rapid learning and effective change. Being transparent and being open-minded are concepts that require practice and change. You must get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to allow yourself the practice needed. And, he references it typically takes 18 months to change most habits. This is no quick fix, that’s for sure. It’s a process. He goes on to encourage us to not let the fear of what others think stand in our way, and instead embrace these concepts to bring about more meaningful work and relationships into our lives.

“Imagine how many fewer misunderstandings we would have and how much more efficient the world would be - and how much closer we all would be to knowing what’s true - if instead of hiding what we think, people shared it openly.”

We are on board with that, let’s all go and put this principle into practice!

Make it a great week!


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