November 13, 2017 | Rob Edgerley
Most of us at Maine Life Real Estate have been through one or more of Dale Carnegie's training over the past year. We thought we would share some insight:

If Dale Carnegie were alive today, what advice would he give you about finding your inner courage? He would tell you that there are 5 short rules about courage. If you follow these rules, Mr. Carnegie himself would guarantee that they will increase your share of fortitude, allowing you to call upon that inner courage that exists within us all. Here are the rules of courage by Dale Carnegie:

1. Know at least one ridiculously good joke, and be able to tell it at a moment’s notice Act as if you are courageous. This makes you a bit braver, as if one part of you has been challenged and wishes to show it is not wholly afraid.
2. Pause to reflect that others have had to face great discouragements and great obstacles and have overcome them. And what others have done, surely you can do.
3. Remember that your life forces move in a sort of rhythm. If you feel depressed and without power to face life, you may be at the bottom of the trough. If you keep up your courage, you will swing out of it, using the very forces that at the moment are sucking you down.
4. Remember you feel more defeated and downcast at night than during the daylight hours. Courage comes with the sun.
5. Courage is the measure of a big soul. Try your best to measure up.


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