January 12, 2018 | Rob Edgerley
Happy Friday,

Wow!  What a swing in weather this week!   from -9 to 49 ......just crazy!  
Here's what we found interesting this week....

If you liked the Beastie Boys and you like music in general tune in to Mike D's Echo Chamber radio show.  Great interviews, playlists with songs that will remind you,  inspire you, and inform you.  

Hyperloop. This stuff is exciting!  https://youtu.be/LAWEOwDDt_Y

But half the people in the office thought it was too out there so they thought we should link you to the Betty White 95th Birthday Interview instead.....  

Team member, Tonya likes to go to Paciarino with her family,  it's kid friendly and super delicious. Check it out:  www.paciarino.com/

Or if you are staying in...Kim just made this dish....  https://cafedelites.com/balsamic-glazed-caprese-chicken-recipe/

Have a great weekend!


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