January 19, 2018 | Rob Edgerley
Friday, January 19, 2018

Here's what is going on here, there and everywhere!
  • Rob's Music Bullet:   I have gotten a "new" old turntable and broke out some older records and found some new ones...mostly to regain the habit of actually sitting and listening to a whole album (or at least a side),  it's a lot harder to skip around songs when you have to move a needle... it's a relaxing experience and the kids like it too...and, it also gets us off our phones which seem to be all consuming at times.
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - picked this up at Bullmoose this past week.  
  • Eats!  - Tuscan Table....omg...awesome upgrade from the Pizza Hut!  Our understanding is that this place is designed and owned  by Nicola http://www.nicolashome.com, and it's awesome inside.  A quick stop for drinks and appetizers last week revealed excellent food and great drinks...good stuff.
  • Yesterday is the day that most people fall off their New Years Resolution, and for many of us physical fitness was one of those resolutions.  To help you stay on track I'd recommend, "Unbeatable Mind" by Mark Devine.  A former Navy Seal who runs developed Seal Fit, he introduces the reader to the Five Mountains:  http://umacademy.s3.amazonaws.com/pdf/the-five-mountains-of-sealfit.pdf.  Rob was chatting with a friend about this book last week...both agreed that there were major takeaways but the best was "box breathing".  
  • The Maine Real Estate and Developers Association Conference  (MEREDA) took place yesterday in Portland.   The biggest takeaway:  Wow!  What a great time for MAINE LIFE!!  People are moving here, business are moving here, sales volume in retail, commercial, industrial and residential real estate are all up!   Our biggest challenge, low inventory.  How can you help?   We have a number of buyers in waiting....meaning they are ready to move, they just need to find the right home.  If you know someone who is thinking of selling this spring, please let us know!  Thank you!
Stay tuned:  Monday we release our Maine's Hottest Towns Report.

Have a great weekend!


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