December 11, 2017 | Rob Edgerley
Do you have an unbeatable mind? Would you like to manage your stress differently and have more confidence? We recently read Unbeatable Mind: Secrets for developing the Unbeatable Mind and Mental Toughness! By Mark Divine and wanted to share these helpful tips with you:

  • Focus on your performance objectives through goal setting
  • Manage stress through arousal control
  • Create and use experiences in your mind through visualization
  • Use your awareness of your beliefs and their consequences through self-talk
  • Develop power positions and practice through embodiment exercises
OR in short

Goal Setting • Arousal Control • Visualizations • Self-Talk • Power Positions

Although we think all are helpful, we practice #1 in the Big Four most frequently in our company & personal business. Goal setting is what helps us grow. Using the SMART approach to setting a goal is super helpful! Goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely so that you can crush them! We hope you find the Big Four helpful and can find ways to utilize these in your life!

Here is the full presentation:

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