February 26, 2018 | Rob Edgerley
Happy Monday!

Solution based thinking is one of our Operating Principles here at a Maine Life Real Estate Co. We strongly believe that this is an effective way to grow your business and yourself.

What is Solution Focused Thinking?

Solution Based Thinking or Solution Focused Thinking involves evaluating a current problem or situation and determining a reasonable, practical plan to attack that problem or situation. The mindset is:
  •     There is a solution to this problem or situation
  •     I possess the skills, talents, and resources to discover the solution
  •     I will devise a workable plan and make it work.

Why is Solution-Focused Thinking Effective?

Instead of dwelling on the problem or situation and obsessing over what isn’t, solution-focused thinking sees that because, problems do not occur all of the time, a constructive approach is to discover what is working well and then to do more of it.

Rather than dwelling on what isn’t or the history of the problem, a solution focused approach looks to the strengths and resources of the individual, team, or organization and how these can be used to generate potential solutions.
This shifts the focus away from problems and towards useful solutions. Solution-based thinking can and is being applied to such areas as: health, education, community and social care sectors as well as the business and corporate affairs.

See the full article here: http://themoderndayspartan.com/solution-based-thinking/

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