March 9, 2018 | Rob Edgerley
Happy Friday!

It's March and what does that mean?  It's time for March Madness.  Check out the NCAA website for everything you need to know.

.... and in honor of March Madness, Maine Today announced the 2018 MaineToday Beer Bracket yesterday.  64 Maine beers go head-to-head in four rounds of online voting, followed by a live event where the overall winner will be determined.   Learn more about it here.

Have you checked out Pine Tree Seafood.  Founded by Jim Hartley and Dick Whitmore, the company was built with the importance of family, respect for the environment and support of our local community in mind.  Over 75% of the goods in their store are from local fishermen, farmers and artisans or companies who distribute from local sources.  Check out their website.

Do you find yourself complaining?  Are you trying to complain less?  Check out Tim Ferriss's Real Mind Control: 21-Day No-Complaint experiment.  How would the world look if there was just a bit less complaining going on?
Check out the latest information on Twin Falls Landing.  Big thank you to Dave Gray for sharing the vision and to Katie Sampson for the Real Estate Report.

With all the snow we got yesterday we couldn't finish our Friday Focus without a snow feature. We found this great article 18 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids and Adults from Money Crashers.  Get outside this weekend and have fun!

Sunday, March 11th at 2am, don't forget to set your clocks ahead!

 Remember, if you have something you would like shared on our Friday Focus let us know.   Enjoy the weekend!



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