May 7, 2018 | Rob Edgerley
Happy Monday!
Are you playing to win? Or playing not to lose?

This was a question asked by a coach a couple of years ago.  
The question has very interesting and had stomach turning implications.  
If you are playing to win, you are aggressively going after what you want at all costs.  You take the risks, you make the calls, you do the work.
If you are playing to not lose, you are working but you are not taking chances, taking the risks, making the big decisions, for fear that they won’t go your way.  So, you avoid those decisions, instead sticking to the status quo.  
One way keeps you in your lane, playing it safe.   The other way can bring about huge breakthroughs and bring you to places you never imagined.
What does this question mean to you?  
What’s holding you back? What is the root of the fear?  Why not make that choice, put yourself out there, try something new, be aggressive?  
Playing to not lose is not going to bring you to new heights and achievements.  
While playing to win, you may lose.  But even in loss there is growth and achievement and learning.  And the more times you expand your comfort zone, the easier it is.
So today, let’s get focused and….
Let’s all play to win!
Have a great week!


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