The process of buying a home can be overwhelming at times, but you don’t need to go through it alone.

Why Hire Maine Life Real Estate Co.?

At Maine Life Real Estate Co. we strive to provide a system that is an easy and pleasant experience for the client, in which they feel that they are cared about and that all of their needs are met. We want to help our clients to achieve their best life in a home that they love or, be able to move their lives without hassle.

We work towards these goals by providing unmatched customer service to our clients. We can assure that every person that works with us is our top priority and that they will feel that they are not alone through this process. Working directly with you through every process so you never feel left out, and always know you're in the right hands.

Our innovative use of technology allows us to get ahead of the curve on all new listings for our buyers as well as provides our sellers with a brilliant marketing strategy to ensure that their home is sold as quickly as possible.

At Maine Life Real Estate Co. we have helped hundreds of homeowners enjoy a great outcome and experience whether buying or selling a home. We've accomplished this because we discovered that most home buyers/sellers are primarily interested in 1 of 4 areas:

We call them the 4 E's
  1. The Economics: Which includes all financial aspects such as commission, selling price and carrying cost
  2. The Exposure: or how their home will be uniquely marketed in such a way that their home stands out in a crowded marketplace
  3. The Expertise: meaning the qualifications of their agent so that the experience is simple and stress-free
  4. The Execution: or how long it will take to accomplish the process from listing to closing
We bring all 4 of those into ALL our client relationships